bridal jewellery set

Wedding day is the day to bling and shines like a diamond, yet it is not the only jewel that clicks in a bride’s mind. It is not about how much bling you can bring on but how sophisticatedly you can blend them in your existent beauty. Each and every kind of jewellery has its own significance and role in a bridal’s final outlook. It depends on her wedding saree or bridal lehenga, her body structure, complexion, and makeup while choosing the best wedding gold necklace design or Polki jewellery set or diamond necklace set. For instance, you can choose Raani Haar or Queen necklace, which are quite long and slim, if you have a long stature and Gala Band necklace or spread choker necklace is always a good option for a bride with a toned neck and prefers minimalism over too much layering. 

The next question comes – “How much bling would be enough?” 

Well, the answer can never be the same for different persons. If you like to layer various jewel sets, you need to understand the mixing and combination strategy of various types of jewellery. For instance, bridal gold necklace designs are a bit traditional and cannot go well with a contemporary pearl necklace or earrings set. And there is also a question mark on the choice of colours. Well, definitely you would avoid deeper hues even in rubies or emeralds in your D-day. When you’re a jewel obsessed bride, it can be a nerve-wracking task to choose one kind of bridal set to match your selected bridal gown or wedding lehenga or saree. We know that you desire to look your top best on your wedding day by playing with the right kind of jewellery and bridal dresses. 

So, we decided to save your toil and hour by compiling some of the most unique bridal jewellery set combinations with style tips. Here the time starts to get stunned with lavish jewellery sets for every kind of bride. 

Emerald Jewellery Set With Polki Raani Necklace

Emerald has been always a great choice among fashion shenanigans because of the natural shine and sophisticated bling. You can purchase an Emerald mid-length necklace and emerald earrings set and club it with your fave Polki Raani necklace or Queen necklace to get a taller illusion. Make sure the necklace has two layers or strands with lavish Polki work and emeralds as well. 

  • Red suits best with emerald or bright green colour. So, you can buy a red bridal lehenga or saree with gold work.
  • Make sure to save a matching Maang Tikka for this set.
  • You can also get a wedding gold necklace design with this Polki Raani necklace set.

Multi-layered Kundan Necklace & Emerald Earrings

Kundan is traditional Indian gemstone jewellery that originated in the land of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan jewellery was then worn only by the royal families of these states of India. This jewellery technique involves a gem set with a gold foil between the natural stones. If you are still confused at the 11th hour of the wedding, choose a multi-layered Kundan necklace and emerald earrings set to hit the goal without any flaw. 

  • Wear India’s oldest forms of jewellery with coral coloured bridal lehenga or saree.
  • Complement this set with a pair of emerald earrings. 
  • Catch up the stilettos with green embroidered work. 

Kundan Necklace With Antique Gold Jhumkis

Well, a bridal gold necklace design will always spiff up the mood of any bride without any doubt, but what can really enhance the entire look!

Catch up a traditional Kundan necklace with a pair of antique gold jhumkis to break the dullness and instil something divine. The colour of the Kundan necklace is also somewhat similar to an antique gold jewellery set, making the whole jewel affair more apt. 

  • Choose Banarasi silk saree or Kanjeevaram silk saree or traditional lehenga to complement the beauty overall. 
  • Make sure the Maang Tikka is also made of antique gold and gemstone. 
  • Wear the complete attire with embroidered or a pair of net bridal heels.

Pearl String Necklace Set With Kundan Choker 

Look dainty and picture-perfect by wearing a Pearl string necklace set with a Kundan choker. The contrasting appearances of these jewel sets will bring on the fusion style and showcase your open attitude to even bold representations. Make sure the pearls are not too big, otherwise it will magnetize all the attention from the beauty of the dress and your looks to itself, making it odd. Choose medium-sized or small pearls for the necklace.  

  • Silk sarees silk blended sarees and lehengas would be perfect.
  • Coral or pink hue blushes would definitely suit you with this jewel set. 
  • Don’t forget to carry an embellished bridal Potli bag to look complete.

Multi-strand Kundan & Emerald Necklace Set

Emeralds are the most demanded gemstones right now and in bridal jewellery set, they are the apple pies. Heighten your entire look in a jiffy by adorning a multi-stranded Kundan and emerald necklace set with jhumkis. They are the wedding season’s demand in 2021. The rustic appearance of Kundan and glossy shine of emerald will surely balance your entire bridal charm. You can also replace the multi-stranded Kundan necklace with a wedding gold necklace design from your Grandma’s jewel treasure chest. Old designs always rock the stage. 

  • A pair of dark coloured net stilettos would be a perfect match. 
  • Don’t forget to wear a matching Maang Tikka in Kundan. 
  • Chandelier earrings and multi-layered rings will look nice. 

Meenakari Long Necklace With Basic Kundan Necklace & Jhumkis

Layering holds the magic of bridal jewellery and when you master this art, you become one of the fashion Nazis. Let’s do it with an Indian traditional Meenakari long necklace with a basic Kundan necklace and lavish jhumkis. The Kundan necklace will spread on your beauty bone sophisticatedly while giving a pitch perfect limelight to the long necklace. 

  • You can complement this type of jewel set with embellished bridal sarees, Pakistani bridal suits and lehengas.

Instead of a Kundan necklace, you can choose a wedding gold necklace design for smooth finishing.