5 Pretty Jewellery

Every woman deserves a shining set of jewellery in her closet. And if you are well aware of Indian culture, you may already know how intricate the bond between jewellery and women is here. They are not only bought as per the likeness of the individual but to include in religious customs as well, especially on auspicious occasions such as weddings, festivals, etc. 

Some women do like the twinkling of jewels and some prefer to be minimalistic. Today, we are going to discuss jewellery that ought to be saved by both types of women, because they are the basic. It’s a common situation for Indian women to wear Indian ethnic wear occasionally and then struggle to catch up with a perfect pair of silver anklets or a perfect necklace or silver nose pin to finish off their ethnic look. 

Fret not, we got your back!

We have surveyed the fashion shenanigans around us and got them to share with us the basic and pretty jewellery pieces that they can’t live without.


Beauty lies in minimalism and a pair of rings in your fashion closet can be enough to power up your plain ethnic wear or casual western wear. When you team up your jewellery with Indian ethnic wear, it empowers the entire idea of style. Indian wear is in itself so beautiful that there is no necessity to add on but a dash of minimalism with rings can always have its perks. 

Choose precious or semi-precious stone rings to dazzle it up. Avoid wearing multiple rings or chained rings with plain ethnic wears. 


This accessory is not only popular among the fairer sex but also men find it quite an essential add on with their casual and traditional dressing. Bracelets are available in various styles and materials to satisfy various needs. For instance, you can choose a leather bracelet if you have worn a pair of shorts and top; a string of gold bracelet would be ecstatic when worn with a traditional salwar suit or a plain saree; a solitaire decked bracelet would be great when paired with a designer Indian gown. 


One of the most loved Indian jewellery is a pair of silver anklets that can be worn with almost any kinds of dresses. Be it Bohemian or Indian ethnic, western or Muslimah, a pair of silver anklets always enhances the entire look in a snap. 

To be precise, a pair is not necessary to be worn together; one can wear just one out of the pair of silver anklets and rock their modern look by adding a silver nose pin. 


Well, this jewel piece is the most admired one. Pendants are light in weight, easy to maintain and suitable for almost any kind of dresses. Generally, pendants come with solitaire or some pretty shape attached to it, but they can be ordered and customised as per one’s wishes. 

Nose Pin

If we are speaking about minimalism and pretty trinkets, a collection of silver nose pins cannot be slid down. There are various types of silver nose pins that you will find ethereal but there some that are most preferred:

  • Stud nose pins
  • Beaded golden Bali nose pin
  • U-bent silver nose pins
  • Hoop septum cuff (for the Bohemian lovers)