trouser designs for women

Just like any other clothing, trousers are continuously evolving according to the requirement of fashion. Trends are always changing with the new introduction of trouser designs. In this article, we will discuss all the latest and simple trouser designs which are considered fashionable in the year 2022. We will be featuring 20 different unique trouser designs which will be trending in India. We have tried to compile all the stylish trouser designs for ladies which can go with any dress.

Top Beautiful and Latest Trouser Designs for Women in 2022:

We have listed the best beautiful and latest trouser design for women which are trending. We hope that our list will help in selecting the appropriate trouser design which will give you a unique look. Select the style which is appropriate for you and be one of the trending women in 2022.

1. Bell Bottom Trouser Design:

bell bottom trouser design

Bell bottom is returning to trend and being considered by the majority of the designers around the globe. This current design was trending back in the 80s and 90s for both men and women. According to the let us trained in our country the particular design of pants is suitable for casual wear or party wear. Bell bottom which is commonly known as bootcut trouser is an appropriate choice for short ladies who want to look taller. It gives the illusion of longer-looking legs. The design can also be enhanced by adding several stylish designs such as embroidery, lace, pearls, ribbon, and organza.

2. Tulip Trouser Design:

Tulip Salwar Design

Tulip salwar designs are on the trending list for a few years, and it is one of the elegant and beautiful trouser designs. Designers in different countries are supporting this trend and consider it as one of the best designs in 2022. Much like any other trousers, Tulip salwar can also be stretched into different styles. The style is appropriate for wearing with semi-formal dresses, long dresses to achieve a traditional look.

3. Straight Trouser Designs:

Straight Trouser Designs

Straight trouser are trending for a few of the last years in vogue because it gives a classy look to any attire. They are highly recommended to be paired with a kurta, kameez, shirt, and frock. They are also having the option of different styles of stitching. In case you are in doubt to select the bottom style it is much safer to select straight bottom.

4. Plain Salwar Designs:

Plain salwar designs are being worn by Indian ladies and it is emerging to be one of them preferable fashion design trends. This particular trend was vanished in the way back in a few years and came back in 2022. It is one of the most preferable due to the loose-fitting and it is considered as one of the most comfortable wears in the summer season.

5. Sharara Pants:

Sharara Pants

In the Mughal era, sharara pants were worn in the subcontinents. They are considered as one of the unique and classic traditional style bottoms. Now it is coming back to trend in 2022, and almost every designer is presenting with their semi-formal, formal, and casual collection. Considerably it will remain on the trending list for fashion in India. It is most appropriate for wearing on mehndi functions, pre-ritual bridal with a pair of Kurti.

6. Wide Length Pants:

Wide-length pants are a greatly self-explanatory piece of clothing that is a loosely fitted version of straight pants. They are currently trending and matches every kind of outfit. Various kinds of stitching varieties can be applied to this design to give a unique look. It is recommended to stay away from wide-length pants if you are having short height. This particular design is mostly for heightened girls.

7. Pearl and Slit Design for Pants:

Pearl and Slit Design for Pants

This is one of the trending modern designer pants known as Pearl and slit design. They are highly recognized with a fitted pattern along with a slit at the bottom. It is also decorated with big buttons which complements the strips of thread with the work of lace. These pants are highly recommended by the designers and considered as one of the gorgeous outfits.

8. Designer Palazzo Pant Pattern:

 Designer Palazzo Pant Pattern

Designer palazzo pant pattern which is highly appealing and trending with modern design in 2022. The design is having the strips in diagonally small patterns which makes it highly stylish. It is one of the highly recommended designer pants which can be easily paired with an Anarkali dress or kurta. The unique style started trending due to the modern fashion choice of women.

9. Zigzag Pant Design:

This is one of the unique designs with a neat and exact pattern that is made into a slit and also has a pearl button. This is one of the new Kurti pant designs which is currently trending in fashion. This fashion accessory can easily be mixed with short kurtas. This gorgeous piece of design is appropriate for every kind of party wear or casual wear.

10. Pleated Palazzo Pant with Lace Fabric:

Pleated palazzo pant is a unique design with lace fabric with gives a gorgeous ankle-length pant design. This particular ladies’ trouser design is greatly paired with longer or shorter Kurti patterns. These pair of stylish pants are highly ethnic and much comfortable to wear.

11. Side Slit Trouser Simple Pants:

This is one of the simple trouser designs with a side slit. The design is also having the same-colored buttons added as the fabric. More alteration can be done in this design by adding gold buttons or pearls according to the requirement of the trend. These particular pants will give a classy look in any kind of party wear.

12. Sheer Fabric Pant Trouser Design:

In this particular design of the designer pant, silk fabric of silver color is being used for the pants. There will be sheer brocade fabric in the bottom part of the pant which gives a classy look. This design is gaining popularity due to the added feminine touch to ethnic pants. It is highly paired with long or short kurta.

13. Embellished Pant Design:

This is one of the best party wear straight feet ethnic pants trending right now. The bottom wear will be highly embellished according to the requirement of the designer. This kind of outfit is highly luxurious and very expensive. This outfit is perfect for party wear which goes perfectly with modern and stylish Kurti designer outfits.

14. Lace Fabric Trouser Pant:

 Lace Fabric Trouser Pant

Less fabric is always trending no matter where it is being used including lehenga, Kurti, and blouses. It adds an elegant look to the dress which is beautifully and neatly placed to have a gorgeous outcome.

15. Ethnic Pants with Fringes:

Much like fringes can be seen on sarees and various other Indian outfits it is also extended towards the pants. Fringes are being added to the street palazzo which gives a highly western look with a traditional touch of ethnic wear.

16. Pearl and Bead Pant for Ethnic Wear:

This particular trending ethnic wear is having sheer net fabric along with the pearls, which also have an added pattern. Due to the addition of pearls, it gives a royal touch to the outfit. It is recommended to add silver anklets which will give a more appealing look.

17. Horizontal Pleated Pants:

These are unique trending pleated pants which are having different designer patterns at the bottom. It gives an attractive and innovative look into the design which is trending in 2022.

18. Button Placket Style Pant Bottom Design:

This is a unique designer bottom that looks like a button placket. It is highly modern and trending due to its unique demanding look. It is appropriate for short quarters along with straight-fit kameez.

19. Geometrical Cut Bottom Pattern for Pants:

Modernization and ethnicity are the combinations of geometrical cut bottom pants. This ladies’ trouser design pattern is getting highly popular which is combined with Punjabi suits and Kurti.

20. Palazzo Pants with Bows at the Bottom:

This is one of the unique palazzo pants which is having a modern design with added bow at the bottom. This is one of the stunning designs and has horizontal plates paired with unique stitching. It is one of the best paired with kurtas which is reaching till the knees.