Ethnic Outfits for Men

The styles of Indian traditional clothes keep changing and adapting to different ongoing trends. With the western world fixating on monotonous outfit trends, we Indians have made both the styles, whether the monotonous styles like a white kurta pajama or a multicolour outfits for wedding functions, an evergreen style. So here is a mix of different outfits that men can buy for various occasions so that they have a wardrobe that’s ready for whatever comes their way.  

Embroidered Sherwanis: When you think of colourful styles for men, the first thing that pops up in our mind is an Indian wedding scene. With men styled in different types of sherwani instead of a basic white kurta pajama. Most of these sherwanis have beautiful embroidery on them. So you will find a variety of colours not just for the base fabric but also for the embroidery designs. 

Printed Kurtas: Another coloured outfit that goes unnoticed as many men choose to wear the everyday white kurta pajama set is a printed kurta. Not that I am saying a white kurta-pyjama would look bad, but a bit of a statement look is created with a printed fabric. And for kurtas, you get a variety of classic traditional prints to choose from, and each print has its statement colour scheme and design. Printed fabrics like bandhani, ikat, and kalamkari create an elegant traditional look. 

Solid Pathanis: The traditional pathani sets are known to be tonal, sticking to one shade or colour throughout the outfit. Whether you go for the standard colours like black and white, the impact created by the outfit remains the same. However, it’s advisable to experiment with different colours like maroon, blue, olive green, and brown. These outfits will not just look great for your festive functions but also for a wedding party.

Digital Printed Kurtas: After covering different types of traditional Indian wear, let us dive into casual men’s fashion. What else can project a casual setup other than a printed kurta? Nowadays, many designers and brands prefer getting digitally printed fabric, and the kurta made from these fabrics are just beautiful. They are the perfect pick for your date look and wedding guest look. Wearing these Kurtas with classic western trousers and sneakers is one of the most effortless looks. The added advantage of digital prints is that you have a variety between loud big prints and also minimalistic designs.

Nehru Jackets: A short sleeveless jacket worn on top of a regular kurta, commonly known as best on the Nehru jacket, is a classic wedding outfit. This sort of outfit counts as a colourful outfit because you can pair your clothes in contrasting colours. It gives you the base to add different colours not to make a catchy outfit but to make it look elegant. These days you get Nehru jackets in various prints so that you can create an outfit with clashing prints or a soothing ensemble.

So here are some of the different ways to style and create colourful outfits instead of the everyday white kurta pajama. Hopefully, this article helps you add some colours to your wardrobe and look fancy for whatever occasion step out for.