It’s the time of year again when the seasonal wedding bells get to sound! It’s also the time of year that our ethnic wardrobes are in desperate need of an overhaul. No, this is not something that only women can be aware of; men must also master it.

Although intricate sherwanis and custom-tailored suits should come to mind first, we’d argue that the modest kurta-pajama design for men should not be overlooked. It is adaptable, elegant, timeless, and easy! Let us guide you through the most sought-after variations of the time-honored wardrobe staple, as well as how to style each one effectively.

Is it possible to have an all-white kurta pajama set? Inventive!

We are well aware that white-on-white is as classic as it comes in the design world – something we adore! Although women are still expected to wear all-white ensembles to look put-together and trendy, we’re going to tip our hat to the men on this one. White on white will be effortless and glamorous for daytime parties and parties, while still not retaining heat if you’re enjoying the day outside. Isn’t this a win-win situation? A white kurta-pajama look is impossible to go wrong with!

White kurta pyjama collection

When we tell white-on-white, you’re likely to believe that no other color is permitted in this combination! Take a step back and reconsider – are you committed to following the rules? If not, all-white kurta pajamas for men with vibrant features might be something you’re interested in.

Has an open-front cardigan languished in the back of your wardrobe, awaiting the arrival of winter? Bring it out, since a white kurta-pajama would be the ideal match. Complete the look with edgy black sunglasses!

You’re too cool to notice, aren’t you? Then your all-white kurta pajama would look equally cool, but only when paired with brightly colored shoes. Combine street and desi and you’ve got a sure thing.

Lessons in Layering: Kurta Pajama With Koti.

Layering is our all-time favorite for two reasons. Which one is the first? It brings another dimension to an individual’s appearance; you might also name it the ‘cherry on top’! How about a second? It enables us to go up the trend scale! Men rarely struggle with layering western silhouettes nowadays, however they do when it comes to typical Indian attire. Layering kurtas can be difficult, as there are just a few occasions where the ethnic section of your closet can breathe freely and see the light of day. Put your mind at ease as we demonstrate how to choose and style a kurta-pajama with a Nehru Jacket or Koti.

With Koti Kurta Pajama

It’s a well-known fact that men generally avoid embroidery and embellishments when it comes to their clothing. Adjust that by wearing a kurta-pajama with Koti that features prominent needlework, preferably in a contrasting hue.

Consider going monochrome for a hue of your choice. We are huge fans of regal sounds, so that is one possibility! If you’ve selected your color, layer it with a koti (in the same color, of course), or get one crafted with light embroidery.

If you’re trying to amp up the oomph factor of your ensemble, how about pairing a kurta-pajama with a Nehru Jacket that features just three buttons and leaves the rest open?

Blue Kurta Pajama!

We were overjoyed at the start of 2020 when Pantone declared Classic Blue as the Color Of The Year. We also realized that we’d see more than one blue color take over the runways and streets (peacefully.) Blue – a unique and serene color – is a preference of many people for a variety of reasons. However, when it comes to us, we adore how blue complements every closet, any occasion, and any taste. You may lack an ensemble in another primary color, but you almost certainly have one in blue. We adore blues for the holiday and wedding seasons, and so we’re going to share some expert style tips for blue kurta pajamas with you.

Blue Kurta and Jeans

Locate the most brilliant blue on the color wheel! Have you gotten it? Then, purchase an orange turban to complement it. As a consequence, you’ll have an eye-catching look that’s perfect for festive occasions! For this one, we recommend avoiding prints in favor of solids.

Let us now take a breather. Though intimate gatherings are essential, underdressing is not a choice. To achieve an understated look, pair a shimmery blue kurta with one of our simple white pajamas for men.

We are in love with cobalt blue and purple! Therefore, we should trust our intuition and proceed with this pairing. Add a layer of a Nehru jacket and a tightly folded pocket square.

Yellow Kurta Pajama Is Sunshine-Ready

When you plan to wear a yellow kurta-pajama and walk out, the sun will have nothing on you! If you’re celebrating a reception, planning a pre-wedding shower, or planning a festive occasion, there is one color and one mix that can do it all and do it well! Yellow is one of the most cheerful colors known to man, and with good cause. The warm hue immediately makes you seem approachable and is vivid enough to set you apart from the crowd. Therefore, if you’re looking to meet new people and create new ties everywhere you go, yellow is the color for you.

Kurta Pajama in Yellow

Attending a Haldi function shortly? Remember to wear your A-game and adhere to the dress code, which is usually all-yellow. Men’s pajamas may be off-white or light yellow in color.

Another smart way to achieve a Haldi look is to layer a jacket over your yellow kurta and forego the traditional pajama in favor of dhoti trousers. The jacket may be embroidered or have abstract prints; the option is yours.

Choose sharp and yellow kurta styles with cowl neck details for a contemporary look. Asymmetric hems are an extra advantage!

Kurta Pajama Reimagined

For decades, visionaries in the Indian design industry have attempted to deconstruct and reinvent the traditional kurta pajamas for men into something more contemporary. Whether it’s modernizing it, infusing it with contemporary elements, drawing inspiration from western patterns, or seeing consumer desire for a specific detail, kurta pajamas have undergone numerous transformations. Although we might not be in awe of every one of them, many never fail to capture our interest. When purchasing a new-age kurta pajama for men, the most critical factor to consider is the outfit’s durability. Whether you can wear it several times, your closet more certainly needs to meet it.

Fresh Looks for Kurta Pajamas

A men’s kurta pajama that is somewhat longer than a t-shirt? Please, indeed! The ‘pajama’ portion of this should be as sassy and suave as you are. Substitute a more fitted piece for the bagginess, and finish the look with an open jacket.

We adore the street style angle as well, for a variety of purposes. However, the one that tops our list is the fact that it alters the game’s laws. Second, it allows one to experiment to see what looks better for it – from white shoes to folded trousers.

Accept the kurta pajama paired with sneakers! Though this is not a reproduction of the kurta, it is unmistakably ‘fresh’ and we believe it would look fantastic on you.

Designer Kurta Pajama For Men

If you want to be handled differently, you must dress differently – these are terms we have both learned at every point in our lives. If you’re having difficulty developing your style, we highly advise you to give designer kurta pajama for men a try! Weddings and celebrations are all about creating a point, and something that screams ‘designer’ immediately screams stand out.’ Apart from that, designer apparel is synonymous with elegance and is crafted with extreme accuracy and attention to detail. Therefore, why not choose kurta designs from an emerging or established designer label? Apart from the hefty price tag (which is justified by the fact that it performs on its promises), there is simply nothing not to like.

Men’s Designer Kurta Pajama

Dress in an Angrakha kurta – but with a modern twist! It is one of the most common kurtas pajama styles among men, and it is also approved by the fashion police.

A monochrome kurta that implicitly identifies you as the boss? Who might object to that! Allow you chosen one to be astute, seductive, as charming as possible. Combine it with tan juttis.

Layer your men’s kurta pajamas with expertly tailored ethnic blazers to make an unforgettable first impression! Complete the look with a pair of suede boots.

Red Kurta Pajama – A Vibrant Option

Take a more daring approach to your style objectives this festive season by going for a red kurta pajama. With the color representing a variety of emotions ranging from passion to trust, it’s entirely up to you which version of yourself you want to show. From impressing the special lady to demonstrating who you are, from being in the spotlight to commanding the whole room’s focus, a red kurta pajama would assist you in accomplishing both of these goals and more. It is also the color of passion, so you never know; you may just find yourself writing a new novel! Let’s see if you can make killer combos for it now, shall we?