Different Necklaces with Different Necklines

Do you also face problems while choosing a necklace that completely goes with your outfits and makes you look stunning?? it is very important to choose the perfect jewelry for your outfit, wrong jewelry with the wrong outfits may spoil your look? Fashion changes every day and how we dress reflects our personalities. Different necklines have a different necklace design which adds sparkle to your dress.

There are many types of necklines like- round neck, crew neck, high neck and many more. Here you will able to know what kind of necklace you can wear with different necklines.

Different Necklines:

  • Round Neckline: if you are wearing a dress with a round neckline then Lariat Necklace is perfect for the dress. Lariat is kind of very delicate necklace and it is long-chain/string measure between 30-50 inches, both the sides of the necklace do not have any closure. Instead of wearing a scarf or stole, you can wear Lariat Necklace.
  • Square neckline:  by the name it is quite clear about the design of the neckline, is square in the shape around the collar bone, to make your square neckline dress more elegant use a choker necklace. These kinds of necklaces are closely fitted to your neck it is small in size compared to other necklaces and wrapped around the neck these small choker necklaces helps to make your collar bone and neck look more attractive and you can wear them anytime anyplace.
  • Crew neckline:  crew neckline is the perfect neckline for wearing necklaces, always make sure the necklace should be a little bit longer or shorter than the neckline or a little longer than the neckline. With crew, you should try a little necklace/chain kind with your favorite pendant to make sure the chain of the pendant should be slightly longer than the crew neckline. Avoid wearing small necklaces like chokers it may spoil your whole look.
  • V neckline: most common neckline you will see; it is in the shape alphabet “V” with V shape neckline always choose to wear an asymmetric pendant that matches with the design of the neckline, and always remember that the necklace and neckline should have an inch space between them. Asymmetric pendent totally goes with V neckline and makes you look classier and elegant.
  • Boat shape neckline:  it is in the shape of a boat kind of wide from the neck area and makes your collar bone more attractive and beautiful with a boat shape neckline you can wear a double-row pearl necklace as it will give really stunning look to your neck and collar bone.
  • Collar shape neckline:  collar shape is one of the perfect necklines as you can change the style just unbuttoning a couple of buttons, well there are many different necklaces design which totally goes with the collar neckline, but some of them which give versatile looks to the shirt is choker or Bib necklace. You all already knew about the chokers. The bib necklace is kind of round or triangular in shape and it completely mixes with the collar shape neckline.
  • Turtle neck neckline:  it is like the high neck cover your whole neck and you can pair it with jeans or in winter you can wear above shirt or t-shirt with turtle neck neckline you should go with long necklaces it will make your dress look more versatile all you need to do is own the look and you are ready.

There are many more necklines and necklaces you can try on all you need is confidence and wear it like you own the look and then you will be ready perfect elegant lady.