what is aromatherapy

“Healing begins with an aromatic bath and daily massage”.

So true the above statement is!  The aroma is something that heals our mind, surrounding, and many more. We use scents to change our mood or thought patterns in order to feel better. We have learned to use scent in a different method. And the scent is used for aroma, a significant fragrance. Let’s think about this from a different perspective. We all know the scent of lavender (aroma) helps in inducing sleep. So, how the benefits of aromatherapy are? Let’s understand what is aromatherapy and how it is beneficial?

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is commonly known as essential oil therapy which means a complementary therapy, or a range of traditions of therapies with the help of essential oils and aromatic plants.  It is commonly used as an inhalation in therapy. In simple words,  aromatherapy is the process of involving aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body (not only the physical health but mental health as well), mind,  and spirit of the body. People nowadays prefer to have an aromatic massage over taking thousands of chemical-made medicines.  This process has been used for 6,000 years now with the aim of improving a person’s mood and mind. Aromatherapy is also available in a genre like cosmetics, massage and,  olfactory.

What exactly aromatherapy is?

Basically, this is a procedure where you inhale some of the essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin. It works by stimulating the smell receptor in the nose which sends a signal through the nervous system to the limbic system. The limbic system is the part of the brain that controls emotions and moods.  Another method is a topical method. In this method, essential oils are absorbed by the skin through massage. Essential oils are never applied directly; they must be diluted with the carrier oil so in order to prevent the skin from any irrelevant infection. Only 5% of essential oil should be mixed with the carrier oil for better results in an adult.

Swallowing or ingestion of the essential oil is not recommended because the oil can damage your kidney or liver.

benefits of Aromatherapy

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?

Following are some of the benefits of aromatherapy:

  • It reduces stress: stress is a part of life and it affects every individual in one or another way. In this busy lifestyle,  people forget to take care of themselves and found to be in stress at the end of the day. The essential oil lavender is proven helpful for treating stress through aromatherapy.
  • It reduces physical pain:  as aromatherapy creates a positive impact on the person. It is also helpful in reducing the physical pain of the body. Turmeric, ginger, eucalyptus, are some of the essential oil for the treatment of physical pain. Say goodbye to fatigue!
  • It boosts energy level:  we are human beings and we all get tired after the first of the day ends. Isn’t it?  We don’t feel the same energy as we have in the morning. For the same, essential oil helps invigorate the senses and boosts your energy level. Lemon is useful for the same in aromatherapy. It is also considered one of the best energy-boosting food.
  • It improves your sleep: it is scientifically proven that essential oils like lavender help in restful sleep. With the help of aromatherapy, it shows improvement in 15 days only.
  • It balances your hormone level:  infertility and PCOS are the two most common struggling hormone imbalances. To avoid this problem, aromatherapy uses essential oil like rose and geranium to improve the estrogen level in females.
  •  It improves focus:  do you feel lost all the time? Are you diverted from your goal? You want to improve your memory and gain your concentration back? You are at the right place. Essential oils like rosemary and basil help in improving focus.
  • It aids digestion:  are you suffering from food poison or diarrhea? You are having a stomach ache?  Don’t worry essential oils like peppermint, funnel are best in curing these stomach pains. It supports a healthy digestive system by stimulating digestive enzymes which break down the nutrients.
essential oil

Let’s have a look over the use of some of the essential oil:

  • Lemon is essential for improving emotions. Make you free from stress also.
  • Jasmine increases your penile vessel which makes an individual more alert.
  • Clove acts as a pain killer in aromatic therapy. It prevents the individual from gas in the gut, carminative, nausea and etc.
  • Yarrow treats individuals with cold and flu.

There is much other essential oil available for aromatherapy!

Also, if you are considering aromatherapy, never forget to consult your doctor and a trained aromatherapist for better results and risk.