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Yoga comes with a 3000-year-old tradition with origins in India and can even be considered as alternative medicine. Yoga is a holistic approach to health, more of a lifestyle and not just a fitness program. Along with postures, meditation and a prescribed diet, Yoga must be practiced in its entirety for the best results. Yoga would be the best-fit choice for those who want to transform their lives, mind and body. In this article, we are going to see about what changes can you visibly see in your body and mind, when you start a yoga session online. Let’s see to them:

Increased Balance and Flexibility

online yoga classes

Flexibility is the ability to move your muscles and joints through their complete range. In this sedentary life, muscles get stiff with age, and our bodies get dehydrated quite often.  As we become adults, our tissues might have lost about 15 percent of the moisture content and are more prone to injury. Hence, flexibility is not just about the movement, also about a better body and a long life. Also, better balance keeps your overall body fit and improves your concentration power. Your body becomes more flexible due to continuous stretch and movements.

Better posture

We blame our posture on jobs, genetics, and long hours with gadgets. But has anyone ever told you that our posture can be primarily determined by our personality? Our posture does communicate the way we feel inside and this can be called involuntary communication body language. Our brain is constantly conveying our emotional state , through our posture and the way we move. The effects of spending in particular yogic poses yield significant results. It’s obvious with the spike in testosterone levels and a drop in cortisol levels and vice-versa in particular poses. Surprisingly, spending a couple of minutes in a posture has immediate effects on our mood and behavior. Can you just imagine the effects of making yoga a lifestyle and spending hours in a certain posture?

Balanced Sleep pattern

Sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to fitness. Hatha Yoga makes you sleep comfortably and undisturbed for at least 8 hours which provides your mind and body enough time to nourish.

Other physical benefits like a Higher metabolic system, Flexibility, good weight, skin radiance, bone strength, lower risk of heart diseases and diabetes and such perks are few that Yoga comes along with.

Having said that, It’s imperative to consult with your physician or trainer before you take up an online yoga session if you have the following, since a few postures may not be suitable for you:




-Balance Problems

-Heart Problems

– High Blood Pressure

So as we saw what Yoga could do to your body, what changes does it bring to your mind? The Brain which does all the tricky plays? Let’s hop to those points now.

Improved Brain Function

online yoga classes

Traditional forms of Yoga don’t just correct your physical postures, but also improve your cognitive function, focus and memory.

Decreased stress levels

Standard practice of yoga enables your mind and body to go stress free, where you can keep your breathing mindfully and relax at an extreme level.

Alleviated Anxiety

Yoga gives you an easy power to face your inner fears, frustrations in routine life. Practicing Yoga on a regular basis can calm anxiety and re-energize both mind and body. Yoga helps reduce levels of stress hormones, when the body releases those hormones as a part of panicking which might lead to anxiety. Slowing down, concentrating mindfully on breath can reduce the fast heartbeat and rapid breathing can make anxious people come back to normalcy. Meditation part in Yoga can help anxious people clear off their minds to be calm.

Why should you consider an Online Yoga Class?

online yoga classes

Now that You have known what positive impacts a Yoga practice creates in your body and mind, You are free to take up a live yoga class online. But why do you think it’s best fit for you? Are you a little concerned about how you will be able to take it up as a lifestyle and make it adapt in your daily routine? Not to worry, we got you!!

It’s like Work(out) from home!

It’s your time and your space. You don’t have to travel all the way to the yoga studio with your mat, in a particular time in the pandemic. Online yoga sessions offer you a great amount of freedom to roll down your mat whenever you want to. You might be traveling, you might have a dog at home, you might have an unexpected meeting, but whatsoever, you can just open your phone and make your yoga sessions wherever you are, and whenever you are. Isn’t that great?

Comfort and Privacy

If you’re new to yoga, and kind of an introverted person, you might be a little nervous about doing Yoga in front of someone else. You might feel intimidated and struggle to focus in a room full of strangers. Online yoga classes enable you to practice yoga in your own comfortable environment, building a one to one relationship with your tutor with utmost privacy.

Personal Connection

While you and your tutor are the only ones involved while doing an online live session, you connect with yourself in a deeper way. You don’t have to be distracted by any chance; you can give yourself extra time for correcting your posture, or analyze how your breath is and take all the time for yourself.


In this blog, you have known about how visibly yoga can make changes happen in both your body and mind. It improves your physical health in terms of appetite, fitness, posture, sleep etc; also in mental health like alleviating anxiety, calming down, moving away stress and depression and likewise.

Online Yoga classes offer you freedom and flexibility of choosing the session just for yourself. You don’t have to rush outdoors, find a time to start, manage other chores with members of your family and no worries of that sort. Yoga can now be availed at your fingertips, and there are quite more reasons to embrace yoga in your daily lives. The overall philosophy or the concept behind yoga is connecting mind, body and the spirit and making living a harmony. By making it a lifestyle or a habit.

Do you also want to start seeing positive changes in your life? Book your online live yoga session today, and start enjoying the serenity behind Yoga, to transform your lives better!