Designer Shoes

Not all of us want to replace shoes from time to time. Investing in a pair of designer shoes can be a financially sound decision if you don’t get the shopping bug often. No matter the style of shoes, if you look for better quality instead of trends, designer shoes can be your best friend.

However, these shoes only stay the same if they are taken care of. When you buy pairs such as Valentino shoes that last for almost decades, their upkeep is also something you should pay close attention to. Moreover, purchasing them from a trusted retailer can assure you that the high price is not just for the brand name but also the quality of the product.

The Right Way to Store Designer Shoes

When you get your footwear from a trusted retailer, the purchase comes with a dust bag and a box to store the shoes in. The dust bag can be something of a safe space for the shoes. Once you start wearing the shoes, clean them of any excess grime or dust before sealing them in the dust bag and placing them in the box.

More often, shoes come with tissue or other packing material stuffed inside. Here’s a neat trick: save these materials, so you can stuff them back in when the shoes are not in use. By doing so, the shape of the shoe is maintained, and the material is kept from sagging. This is the best way to proceed as long as you use the shoes regularly.

If you break out the designer footwear only on occasion, remember not to keep it in a closed box all the time. When the shoes are shut in an airtight container, the glue holding them together dries out, ruining your shoes even before you wear them. 

Another area that needs your attention is the storage of the box itself. Leaving the box under other weight or in odd positions can make your shoes look creased. Even sunlight can damage the colour of your beloved shoes. Always store your shoes in dark and dry places to prolong their lifespan.

Getting Proactive

For a large part of the consumer population, designer shoes are hard to come by. This means getting proactive about protecting one’s shoes is acceptable. You worked hard to buy them, and you simply want them to last longer.

  • Getting the soles of coveted designer shoes treated with rubber is a common practice. Even if you don’t want to go that far, a local expert can help you find more affordable ways to maintain your designer footwear.
  • If the shoe is made from suede or leather, regularly prepping them with protectant spray is recommended. For someone who uses their vintage designer shoes regularly, the shoes can be treated once every 2-3 months.
  • Replacing the heels when the tips show damage is another way to save your shoes forever. By noticing the wear to the heels earlier, you can prevent the upper material from getting creased or torn.
  • Invest in a sturdy pair of shoe trees to keep your shoes from creasing. These handy tools will hold the shape of the shoe, and you need not worry about stuffing packing materials in them.

Final Thoughts

For any shoe aficionado, having their shoes in the best shape is the greatest feeling ever. In fact, wearing good shoes bears a different element of classiness to your outfits. So go ahead and purchase those Valentino shoes you were eyeing and walk into the world confidently.